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#6 What Real Leadership Looks Like, Covid Concentration Camps?, Breaking Down Biden’s Terrorist Attack Response

Paul Curtman

This week we have seen a HUGE contrast in leadership. One one hand we see President Joe Biden respond to the terrorist attacks at Kabul airport in Afghanistan and on the other hand we see Marine Lt. Colonel, Stu Scheller, “throw rank on the table,” willing to sacrifice his entire career just three years away from retirement, in order to demand accountability from senior leadership responsible for the disaster in Afghanistan.

I will analyze both both men – you won’t want to miss this.


1.52 ‘Historic Airlift unlike the world has ever seen’
3.00 Solicits sympathy by invoking his deceased son who although a veteran, he died of cancer, not a terrorist attack on foreign soil
4:43 “Hunt you down and make you Pay”
5:40 Focused a short mission vs a successful mission
6:38 Order commanders to develop operational proposals
7.50 Commanders gave Biden complete unanimity in this strategy
8.10 Invokes Bible passage
8.40 Moment of silence
10.07 first question.
12.36 Concerned about the Taliban’s interest AND confirms that the Taliban are the security element of this operation.


17 year Marine Corps infantry officer demands accountability up the chain of command.
.53 – 1.36 After having explained the purpose behind his video, to ask questions up the chain of command, he acknowledges the personal risk he is taking and the consequences he understand he will be facing.
2.28 Explains why people are upset -> its because no one up the chain is taking responsibility.
Compares the consequences for ineptitude down the chain but asks if anyone is willing to do what he’s doing now to demand accountability.

In Marine Corps Officer Candidate School, you are taught the principles of leadership, one of which is to “Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions.” Another is to “set the example.”

This Marine is doing both and for that he was fired.

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Not complying with authoritarianism is “doing the wrong thing.”
Group of 8 boys alone outside were arrested and fined.
1.15 You can’t be out of your home without a reasonable excuse.
1.35 Pro Soccer Player pulled over twice for being out of their home and traveling.
2.11 workers sent home if their paperwork wasn’t in check.

Australia building camps for quarantine

Paul Curtman is a veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps, an author, conference speaker, and statesman. For nearly 20 years, Paul has helped lead and develop leaders in the United States military, public service sectors, and business. Paul is a strong advocate for personal and economic freedom as well as the strength and integrity of the free market system. He is a Fellow at Club for Growth in Washington D.C. and currently lives in Missouri with his wife, Ruth, and their four children.


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