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Decriminalize drugs in general? What about for users but but have a war on drugs for drug dealers? What solutions are there? BiPartisan solutions?
Fetterman called out by State Rep for driving to neighborhood and pulling gun on unarmed black jogger. Won’t say “I’m sorry.”
MSNBC Panelist: “Incredibly problematic for the White House and for Democrats going into November…it can’t get more direct…we all have to put gas in our cars”
The number one issue in two battleground seats for the US Senate, Arizona and Nevada, is the Economy and Inflation -“dwarfing” abortion and voting rights – two key issues democrats are depending on drive their party to the polls.
She makes it sound like DeSantis is at the mercy of Bidens benevolence but the truth is that is our system of federalism, the state and the federal government can only go so far when acting alone to provide solutions after something like a natural disaster they BOTH NEED EACHOTHER to move the needle.
OPEC decreases oil production at a terrible time for Biden as gas prices rise the closer we get to the midterm elections. PLAY TO 1:58
Biden doesn’t know if he wants to keep oil reserves coming or not.
OPEC cutting oil production by 2 million barrels a day – 2% of global production.
Good idea or bad idea? Trump calls for death penalty for drug dealers and human traffickers.

10 Outdated Etiquette Rules You No Longer Want to Use

https://www.etiquetteschoolofamerica.com › outdated-et…


12 Genius Ways For Congress To Pay Off The $31 Trillion National Debt
Sell the moon to China for $31 trillion: Maybe throw in California for good measure. Nobody will miss it!

Trump Makes Appearance In ‘Orange Lives Matter’ Shirt

Hurricane-Ravaged Florida Town Raises Ukraine Flag So Congress Will Send Aid

Opinion: Joe Biden Wandering Away from the Podium Is A Powerful Statement On Quiet, Dignified Leadership

Congress Passes Funding Stopgap Bill To Avoid Ukrainian Government Shutdown

Congress Passes Funding Stopgap Bill To Avoid Ukrainian Government Shutdown

9 Reasons Not To Worry About The Tanking Economy
It’s worth it if the tanking economy saves just one climate: Open your heart to rescuing a climate today.

Chinese company deploys robot dogs with machine guns from drones.

Joe Biden awkwardly backs away from reporters asking questions. VIDEO

California is sends out $1,050 payments to residents to fight inflation. (I’m sure the next election has NOTHING to do with it.)

A rogue lumberjack is blitzing through the woods near Portland cutting down trees for no reason.

A gay couple is suing New York City to use women as incubators arguing that not allowing gay men access to taxpayer-funded surrogacy is “discrimination.”

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