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Failing Public Schools vs. Failing Charter Schools

The Saint Louis Post Dispatch ran an article  in which the author warned not to trust a charter school whose objective boils down to making profits. The author then goes on to complain that hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted on charter schools that never opened, or that opened and then closed. But what the author didn’t mention were the failing public schools that were opened and will never shut down no matter how many hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on them. Nobody is forced to go to a charter school – they only go if they want to go and my guess is that they only go if the parents think it’s a better option than the  public school.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like the idea of parents having the freedom to send their kids to whatever school they think is best at educating their kids and a both charter and public schools being forced to close if they fail to educate students.

Paul Curtman
Paul Curtman is a veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps, an author, conference speaker, and statesman. For nearly 20 years, Paul has helped lead and develop leaders in the United States military, public service sectors, and business. Paul is a strong advocate for personal and economic freedom as well as the strength and integrity of the free market system. He is a Fellow at Club for Growth in Washington D.C. and currently lives in Florida with his wife, Ruth, and their five children.


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