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Mind Over Matter: The Economy of Intentional Thinking

Why then do you not jealously guard every ounce of energy your mind has to spend? You’re getting older and the time is running out. How much of your mind do you have left to invest in those things that will enrich your life and the lives of your children? You don’t even know!

Silent No More: A Call to Stand for Truth and What’s Right in 2024

If you're staying silent and not standing up for what you know is right because you haven't been "led" to do so, I can't help but wonder who your guide is. It's not that those doing wrong are strong; rather, when things aren’t made right, it's usually the case that those who know what's right are just weak men. Strengthening yourself in the truth is a matter of commitment and the willingness to face the consequences.

Emperor Trajan & 3 Things To Look For in Candidates for Leadership

In his book “The Effective Executive,” Peter Drucker makes...

Follow the Truth and Expect Your Opinions to Change

There are two things that must be rooted out...

Epictetus and the Enslavement of Your Mind

“If a person gave away your body to some...


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