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What Can Christians Do For Their Country?

Although we should certainly be praying for good candidates to vote for, I believe we don’t need to be praying about whether or not we should be voting. Go

d already commands His children to be good stewards of everything he gives us whether it is our family, our

church, our business, our finances, our friendships etc. Is there any question that Christians should be good stewards of their freedom and their country? And the way we exercise stewardship of our country is by using the power of or rights to vote.

I messaged her back that I think the number one fight Christians have on their hands is just to get their fellow Christians to vote. In 2010 when I first campaigned, I

asked my dad, who pastored full time, to head up an event to get pastors and Church leaders in the district out to a breakfast where I could introduce myself and share my testimony and answer any questions. Part of the invitation was just to introduce pastors and church leadership to someone who was going to be on the ballot so they could inform their congregation if they asked. My dad sent hand signed letters followed up with emails to all those we could find an email address for, then he gave phone calls and finally drove around the district to make personal visits. We had over 50 churches on the list and only one pastor showed up. A couple pastors were nice and said they couldn’t make it but most said churches needed to stay out of politics. It is no wonder, with pastors and church leadership like that, that only 61% of the people filling the pews on Sunday will be voting on Tuesday.

The number one fight Christians have on their hands is just to get their fellow Christians to vote.

If even half the Christians who are going to vote would take another Christian with them, we would probably be making the single largest contribution as a demographic on election day and every candidate and politician would take note.

Paul Curtman
Paul Curtman is a veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps, an author, conference speaker, and statesman. For nearly 20 years, Paul has helped lead and develop leaders in the United States military, public service sectors, and business. Paul is a strong advocate for personal and economic freedom as well as the strength and integrity of the free market system. He is a Fellow at Club for Growth in Washington D.C. and currently lives in Florida with his wife, Ruth, and their five children.


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